8 Important Global Trends in Mobile Phone Use

Author and Consultant Tomi Ahonen brings his enthusiasm and love of statistics to the 2017 MMF Consultation.   He shares:

  1. Mobile is bigger (in $) than the radio, internet, TV, PC, and landline markets combined.
  2. Advertisers to youth markets are ending TV advertising.
  3. Implications of the digital divide in the industrial vs. emerging world.
  4. Theory of an iPhone equivalent for $10 by 2019.
  5. Proof that Apple did not kill Nokia.
  6. Why Nokia 3310 is a phone for the emerging world.
  7. Text messaging is used by 73% of the planet.
  8. Various ways texts and super messaging are used around the world.

This 45-minute video is the first of his two-part presentation in Holland. Tomi starts with global statistics and works his way down to ground level mobile phone usage. The success stories will inspire you to think of new ways your ministry team can use this powerful tool.


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