2017 Mobile Ministry Consultation Executive Summary – You Need More Mobile

“It’s time to double your efforts using mobile.”  


This is what Tomi Ahonen shared as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Mobile Ministry Consultation. Forbes ranked Tomi as #1 in their list of global “mobile influencers.” As mobile device technology is changing lives, families, cultures, and nations around the world at a rate that no other technology has in human history, this also presents a unique, two-way communication channel that represents the most important technology available for Kingdom advancement. If anyone was wondering if the wave of the mobile revolution had already crested, Tomi made it clear that mobile is continuing to wash over our lives in unforeseeable ways.


104 mission strategists representing 58 organizations from 26 countries participated in our Mobile Ministry Consultation in Holland. This was the sixth MMF consultation and the third one held outside the United States. Presentations and discussions addressed a wide variety of issues critical to the use of mobile devices in ministry (see topics below). We hosted our consultation in conjunction with the Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation.

The Mobile Ministry Forum is a coalition of ministries working towards the goal of giving every unreached person a chance to encounter Christ and His kingdom in a compelling, contextualized fashion through their personal mobile device by 2020.


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Notes         Crowd-sourced notes from each session in a Google Doc

Schedule           The detailed program flow

Glossary A custom-built glossary of mobile industry terms

Tweets Read the tweets

MMF Resources   Links to key MMF content

7 Steps to Get Started


Here is a list of the sessions. Those that were recorded have the links to YouTube or to the presentation slidedecks.


Developing an Integrated Media Strategy (Tom Khazoyan) Slidedeck link

The State of Mobile Ministry (Tomi Ahonen)  Slidedeck link

Mobile Highlights (Tomi Ahonen) Slidedeck link

Question and Answer Session (Tomi Ahonen)

VOKE: Scaling Mobile with Platform Thinking (Russ Martin) Slidedeck link

Mobile Security and Best Practices for Security in Closed Cultures (Jon Stearley) Slidedeck link

Social Media Engagement (Case study from Asia)

Offline Engagement / Hardware / Reaching Difficult Places (case study from a secure area)

Fresh from the Field  (case study from a secure area)


Hashtags: Tips & Techniques for Better Branding (Craig Forrest)

Digital Atlas (Keith Williams)

Learning From and Leveraging Your People’s Mobile Usage (Marty Lange) Slidedeck link

Missional Use of Social Media/SMME Guide (Case Study from secure area)

Building Contextualized Apps with Reading App Builder (Richard Margetts)

Chat Bots and Messaging (Johnathan Pulos) 

Using Gospel Videos on Your Mobile (Dave Hudson, Steve Baldwin)

Micro Videos for Macro Ideas (Tim Crowley) PDF link

For More Information

For more information, contact members of the steering committee or email info@mobileministryforum.org

Benjamin Tangeman TWR

Brandon Honsalek Renew

Brian James Frontiers

Clyde Taber Visual Story Network

Johnathan Pulos Missional Digerati

Keith Williams WEC International- Mobile Advance

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